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Our Team

Young Individuals started off with various backgrounds, understood that food connects everyone. So, trying to connect authentic food to everyone which has been proven as an experience.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is how we started. Having those childhood memories in villages and growing the brains in cities made us miss what we have or had. So, we are trying to bring the missing part of life back in the form of sweets we offer. Taste gives that Nostalgia back.

Meet the Team

The Marketer, A Business Development Guy and An Engineer with good taste in food and cravings met the need of the day and soldered this entity to facilitate what has been promised.

Sreeram Kandula

Founder & CMO

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer with over 5 years of experience in various industries.


Pradeep Chanumuri

Head - Business Development

Business Development experience for more than 6 years enabled him to graph an exponential growth in market


Harideep Aerram

Head -  Business Operations

Operations enthusiast to ensure backend and front end operations smooth. Having a background of software engineering

Partner with us?

In case of partnering with us, we look forward to a healthy discussion and set the things and expectations right.

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