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Sweets for a Reason:

Be it a wedding or hosting a party or any celebration,

Everyone celebrates it in the form of exchanging delicacies and such sweet gesture is always enhanced with the taste of Puthareku, Sunnunda, Bobbatlu, Ariselu and many others.

So, buy from us to share or celebrate those moments because memories last for long. We sell sweets online and take wedding and bulk orders as well. We offer best price in the market and best taste.

Expertise in Authentic Sweets:

We are specialized in making authentic Telugu sweets for many years.

Our history of speciality making transits us to the journey of learning from grandmothers to mothers and now to our generation. Telugu authentic food is great way to explore the roots of our childhood.

Taking pleasure of taste is what we always look forward and that's what made us successful. We catered many families and their celebrations throughout our journey making us invincible. We use materials and ingredients that are high in quality, purely organic and rich in taste. Handmade packagin to ensure the quality check at every level of the journey. We sell these but were not limited to:

Tastes like heaven, why?

Made with Best in Quality Ingredients

Ingredients we source are grown and processed with high-level quality grading techniques. These materials root to village background to ensure you back your good olden days.

Organically Grown

Every aspect of your bite is organically grown and healthy. Not just quality we choose about your health as well.


Eat or save it, Our products are long-lasting and the flavour is retained for a longer term. Eat, Sweet and Repeat.


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